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Paranormal Expert


Investigator & Medium

Rachel realized she saw things differently when - as a child - she discovered the gravestone of her 'imaginary' friend, Maybelle, 100 feet from her bedroom window. Despite what she was told, Maybelle did exist and their friendship set Rachel on a lifelong journey uncovering and acknowledging what others dismissed.

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Actor, Director & Producer

Welcome to the fringe of fear. Embark on a journey into the depths of the unknown, creating content with Rachel and team. With a keen focus on the paranormal and horror, she intricately weaves together bone-chilling imagery. performances and sounds that grip your imagination and leave you sleeplessly and gravely seeking more.


Writer & Speaker

Explore the captivating and twisted crossroads of mysticism, the paranormal and history. With profound insights into these realms, Rachel skillfully illuminates the intimate connections with local areas - revealing how these forces have indelibly shaped the cultures, communities, and beliefs where we live.

Film Credits

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