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Xpeditions Archive

This original Paranormal Xpeditions content serves as a historical archive of the team's pioneering work in the field of paranormal investigation.


Under Rachel's leadership, this all-female group not only broke new ground, exploring new haunted locations but also developing new techniques and innovatively utilizing equipment.


Their significant contributions to paranormal research are documented through their own investigations and appearances on television shows such as "Paranormal Challenge" with Zak Bagans and "My Ghost Story," highlighting their influential role in advancing the study of paranormal phenomena.

"The longest journey is the journey...within" 

20 minute "Frank's Box session" with Sharon Coyle From Rolling Hills Asylum with AN ORIGINAL FRANK;S BOX directly from Frank Sumption.

R.I.P Frank Sumption Scenes taken from "PXP: Haunted Rx Morvia, NY."


The female paranormal investigators known as PXP rediscover true paranormal and criminal evidence in some of the most infamous crime scenes in America.

Rachel Hoffman and team find a NEW SUSPECT in the LIZZIE BORDEN HOUSE, Follow the capture of infamous "Southie" Gangster James "Whitey" Bulger, and more.


Rachel and the ladies of PXP are called to Providence, RI for reports of Paranormal Activity. A little girl is tormented by unsettling events in a "House That Speaks". Special thanks to Sly Bry, who helps families like these all the time.

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